Posted by: michelleann | January 18, 2010

Quick Update

We are getting so close to being able to move into the new house.  We are just waiting on a few things.  There is an issue with the electrical poles being too far away for the cable/phone/internet providers.  They said it would be the end of January.  We’re also waiting for the counter tops to come in.  There is still a lot of trim work that needs done, but we can live there while my dad finishes that.

The kids have been hit by so many illnesses since October.  Everyone is finally healthy for the time being.  Of course saying that will surely jinx us.

I had to take Cad.en to the doctor today.  The hospital went to their preschool last week and evaluated hearing and speech.  Ca.den’s paper said he needed a speech evaluation (oh, really!!) and that he needed to have ear wax removed by a doctor!  Apparently that is common in some kids.  Cad.en did really well letting them flush out his ears.  We are suppose to start using an over the counter ear drop to help keep things loosened up in there.  Poor kid!  As you may remember, we had his tonsils and adenoids removed back in August.  In October, he started saying sounds he couldn’t make before such as /ee/ and /k/.  This is huge for him and tells us that in time, he will be able to have normal speech.  The speech therapist just retested him and he scored above for everything except for his articulation.  I knew my boys was smart!!! failed her hearing test.  I have an appointment to get it checked tomorrow.  She’s my ear infection girl, so who knows!  I do wonder if it could be the reason that she has a higher pitched voice and her speech is not improving (after a year of speech therapy!).  I’m going to have her speech evaluated by one of Cad.en’s speech therapists who is phenomenal!

Jant.zen’s 7th birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks.  He is going to have his party at the roller rink.  We are going to invite both 1st grade classes. He has agreed to say “no gifts,” since we have way too many toys.  In lieu of gifts we are going to ask people to bring a donation to our local humane society.  He picked out something that he really wants for his birthday for us to get him.  I am really proud of him for agreeing to it!

Cad.en and Jant.zen started indoor soccer this week!  It’s for grades K-1, but they let Cad.en sign up.  He just turned 4, but he’s a tough one.  He gets in there like the big boys.  They have practices on Tuesdays and games on Saturdays.  Outdoor soccer begins in a couple months.  Cad.en and should be on the same team in the U-6 league, while Jant.zen will continue to play in the U-8 league.

As soon as we get moved into the new house, I’m hoping to find more time to update here.  Since I started using, I spend the time I would have used to update this blog on there.  This blog, however, is nice to have, because I can easily look back to what our family was up to a year or even two years ago.  Bye for now!


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