Posted by: michelleann | June 12, 2009

Dog Show Eve

Many might not know that we have a dog.  You never see her at our house.  Well she’s here tonight.  Her name is Maya and she’s a 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.  We got her as a puppy just before I found out I was pregnant with the twins.  We housebroke her and really enjoyed her as a puppy.  That little puppy quickly turned into a really large dog.  Today she weighs about 115 pounds.  She’s really big for a female Bernese.  There are a couple reasons why she doesn’t currently live with us. When I went into the hospital for bed rest (when I was pregnant for the twins), John was in college and Jant.zen was 2 years old.  My mother and father and law started caring for her (they live right down the road from us).  When we brought the twins home they were preemies so we were concerned about having such a big dog around them (although Maya is a very sweet dog).  When the twins were about a year old (Maya was 2), Maya started limping.  We found out that she has hip dysplasia.  The entrance that we use into this house has a lot of stairs and we were afraid they’d be too much for her.  Last year Jant.zen really wanted to bring her home so we tried, but she seemed really anxious and nervous so it only lasted overnight.

Tomorrow there’s a pet show at our local “Y” that benefits our Humane Society.  Jant.zen is really excited about entering Maya in it.  My mom is also going to enter her dog Penny.

I took Maya to be washed, groomed, and to get her nails cut.  The lady finished off her look with a pretty bow in her hair.

She’s going to spend the night with us here  so that we can get up early and go to the pet show.  The kids love having her here.  She’s loving the attention, but I can tell her hips must be a little sore from all the walking she’s done today (and getting in and out of our vehicle and climbing our stairs).

Here are some pictures of Maya and the kids from this evening.



Maya (that's's hand)

Maya (that's's hand)

Maya with her pretty bows

Maya with her pretty bows

Lovin' on Maya

Lovin' on Maya

Posing with Maya

Posing with Maya

Maya will be moving back in with us when the new house is done.  The kids and I took her up to the new house today to show her around.  She seemed to have a good time exploring.

Now, where will she sleep tonight?  She’s use to sleeping in bed with my mother and father n law.  There’s no way this moose is going to fit in bed with me AND the kids (that’s something else I’m looking forward to-everyone will have their OWN room and OWN bed in the new house-and some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking good luck getting them to sleep in their own beds)!

More tomorrow after the pet show.  I’m anxious to see how Maya tolerates my mom’s high strung, ankle biting, Corgi pup!


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