Posted by: michelleann | August 15, 2008

Halloween Costume Dilemma….Help!!!

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been extra busy. I will have to take pictures of the house tomorrow to post. On to my dilemma!

I have always bought Halloween costumes this early each year. That way I get them before they are picked over and if I’m buying them off of E.bay then I can pick them up cheaper. Jant.zen is easy. He’s been picking out his Halloween costumes since he was 2. He has been Pig.let, a Lion, a Bernese Mountain Dog, Scooby Doo, a Ninja, and this year he wants to be a Star Wars character (he keeps changing his mind about which one).

The twins have never picked their costumes. Their first Halloween they were Mickey and Minnie. Last year they were Pablo and Uniqua (Backyardigans). This year I asked what she wanted to be (she understands Halloween and Trick or Treat because she remembers it from last year and she watches a Dora Halloween DVD all the time). She said she wanted to be a kitty. Of course it has to be a pink kitty because she’s obsessed with pink. Here’s the one I found and she loved!

Tonight I was looking at Star Wars costumes for Jant.zen when she saw a Tom (Tom and Jerry) costume. She LOVES Tom and Jerry so she said she wanted a Tom costume.

Then she saw Jerry and chose him over Tom. Now when I ask her if she wants the kitty costume she says, “No, Jerry costume.”

So here’s the dilemma. The kitty costume will cost me a total of $31.00 (includes shipping). The Tom and Jerry Costumes are $39.99 plus shipping (the total would be somewhere around $45). So if is Jerry, wouldn’t it be cute if Cad.en was Tom? If I can get free shipping at an online store then it would still cost me $80 for both costumes.  However,  if I buy the pink kitty costume then Cad.en can choose from one of the costumes below that I already have from when Jant.zen was his age:

Scooby Doo

Bernese Mountain Dog (we have a real Bernese Mountain Dog named Maya-this one would look good with the kitty costume).

Cad.en doesn’t understand the whole costume thing like does. I did ask him if he wanted to dress up like Scooby Doo and he said “Weh” (Cad.en’s way of saying yes).

So should I:

1). Spend a total of $31 by purchasing the pink kitty costume that no longer wants and let Cad.en choose either the Scooby or Bernese costume?

2). Spend a total of around $80 to buy a Tom Costume for Cad.en and a Jerry Costume for

3). Spend $40 (plus shipping unless I can find it for free) and buy the Jerry Costume and let Cad.en be Scooby or the Bernese?

Please comment on what you think I should do! Thanks!!



  1. I have no idea what you should do to be honest- I am still pondering our Halloween ideas now too! We’re going back and forth between several “twin” ideas (doctor and nurse, pebbles and bam bam, hershey hug/kiss) but then I was at Carters last weekend and saw they have really fuzzy warm costumes that go all the way up to size 24m which they can still fit into. But nothing is a pair.

    Okay I just had an idea for you….how bout a pair of dice (then they could design them with your help).

    Thanks for stopping by our blog! When I figure out the new blogger layout I will add you guys to our side bar!

  2. Hey there! I guess I could do this in person but thought I’d try this way! Never have done this before. I think Little Miss needs the Jerry costume and Little Mister could pick one of Big Brother’s that he wore before,like Scooby(he still likes Scooby doesn’t he?) Tell Big Brother momaw.g says maybe he could be an Ewok or a Jawa. Hope this gets to you okay,not sure about the name part–I put momaw.g.

  3. tom and jerry lol that would be sooo cute…and I like your name momaw.g

  4. Of course, I personally would pick the cheapest option for baby girl and have baby boy use an existing costume to save save save! (And that way, you’d have extra to buy your aunt some new teeth! 😉 BUT being Tom AND Jerry would be adorable and is probably worth the money. And think of the cute pictures you would have to look back on in years to come.

  5. I have the Tom and Jerry costumes, and just realized today that the Tom costume is going to be too small for my tall 5 year old. I ordered a small and needed a medium. The legs on the small are about 6 inches long. It will probably fit my 2 year old. Probably both won’t fit 😦 The costume place I ordered them from doesn’t have a medium, now I’m stuck. I spent the 80.00. They are so cute!!!

  6. Hi there – I found your posting doing a goggle search for “Bernese Mountain Dog Costume” and thought I would send you a note to see if you would ever be willing to sell the costume that you made. We too have a Berner (his name is Fender) and our daughter absolutely adores him. I am guessing that the costume would be much too big for her now – she is only 5 months – but I would certainly be interested in purchasing it for a Halloween in the future. Please let me know if you would consider selling it. Thanks and hope to hear from you. Kind regards, Ryan LaForce (

  7. I am a breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs & would LOVE to have costumes for my Grandsons. Please tell me where you found yours.

  8. I love the Tom & Jerry idea for twins, but the kitty & bernese mountain dog costumes would be pretty adorable too, as well as economical. In other words… I’m not helping much, am I? No matter which way you go though, they’ll be adorable!

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